Build Better Email Campaigns with Insights from the Email Marketing Summit

Build Better Email Campaigns with Insights from the Email Marketing Summit

 In B2B Engagement Marketing

Three days. Fifteen marketing webinars. No charge. Here’s your chance to hear the industry’s leading experts discuss how to build an email marketing machine that engages and converts your audience.

Last week, BrightTALK hosted “Mark as Important: Modern Email Marketing,” a free, three-day online event packed with tips, best practices, and trends to help you optimize your email marketing strategy. Organized into three topic-specific tracks, expert speakers at 15 information-packed webinars provided critical information about how to create highly successful, personalized, and compliant email campaigns that reach your target audience.

Here’s a quick overview of each session, including topics, presenters, and registration links.

TRACK 1: Marketing Automation and Personalization

Have you been tracking regulatory mandates like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect in May 2018 to enforce data privacy rules across Europe? These types of regulations present significant challenges that marketers need to quickly solve.

While we know that personalized messages increase open rates and engagement, some advocates want to limit the data we collect and store. Savvy organizations need to understand how to use marketing automation to optimize their email outreach while remaining compliant. Learn how to automate and personalize emails that generate real value in the Marketing Automation and Personalization track.

Omnichannel Marketing Excellence: It Starts with Email

Because the ultimate marketing goal is providing consumers with a personalized experience across channels and devices, marketers have to truly understand the email channel. Email is the gateway to the omnichannel journey. Presenter Andy Culligan, Head of Demand Generation, Emarsys, focused on starting the omnichannel strategy through email.

  • Presenter: Andy Culligan, Head of Demand Generation, Emarsys
  • Watch the session here.

The Art of Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Personalization

Contrary to popular opinion, personalization shouldn’t be the objective of individualized emails. Instead, organizations should view personalization as a strategy for delivering great customer experiences. Presenter Kath Pay, CEO, Holistic Email Marketing, offered practical tips and expert advice on how to deliver a positive customer experience through personalization.

  • Presenter: Kath Pay, CEO, Holistic Email Marketing
  • Watch the session here.

Personalization and Predictive: The Pillars of Account-Based Marketing

In this session, Ray Coppinger, Head of Marketing EMEA, Marketo, will explore how personalized and predictive content can impact an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Coppinger gave excellent pointers on how organizations can complement their ABM strategy with personalization, generate more sales-ready leads, use best practices, and measure the impact of personalized campaigns.

  • Presenter: Ray Coppinger, Head of Marketing EMEA, Marketo
  • Watch the session here.

Is Real-Time Content Creepy?

Real-time doesn’t need to be creepy – or difficult. In fact, brands are increasingly investing in real-time content and seeing impressive results. This session’s team of presenters outlined the best practices for real-time, described why and how to use it, and discussed its long-term value.

  • Presenters: Antony Humphreys, Key Account Manager, Adestra; Guy Hanson, Senior Director, Professional Services, Return Path; Jenna Tiffany, Founder and Strategy Director, Let’s Talk Strategy; Lili Boev, Group Account Director, dotmailer
  • Watch the session here.

GDPR with Marketing Automation in Mind

As the May 2018 GDPR implementation date draws closer, marketing executives are working to understand the implications of the regulation and how it will affect their marketing efforts. Nick Burrell, Co-Founder of CleverTouch Marketing, explored how marketing automation can help organizations remain compliant with GDPR.

  • Presenter: Nick Burrell, Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing
  • Watch the session here.

Scalable Personalization that Goes Beyond Hi [FirstName]

While giving every contact a unique, multi-channel experience is a great goal, personalizing email communications can be a daunting proposition. In this webinar, the presenters shared four real-world personalization tactics such as leveraging qualitative sales data and using creative video content to help participants create more personalized experiences.

  • Presenters: Jesse Ariss, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vidyard; Daniel Gaugler, Chief Marketing Officer, PFL
  • Watch the session here.

TRACK 2: Campaign Strategy

The sheer number of messages in a typical inbox can be overwhelming. As emails flood in from business and personal contacts, and organizations offering information and looking to successfully reach prospects, keeping up with the constant flow of correspondence is challenging.

Marketers must craft emails that reach the right prospects at the right time with relevant and compelling content and offers. And they need to ensure that their email messaging is consistent and integrated across all channels. If marketers are unable to implement and carry out their email strategies at the right time and on budget, they waste valuable resources.

The six sessions in the Campaign Strategy track provided marketing executives with organizational resources and strategies for implementing more effective and compelling email programs.

Modern Email Marketing – Relatively Simple Algorithms for the Future

A recognized expert in real-time marketing prediction and its real-world enterprise-scale application, Maurice Flynn offered his formula to help companies improve their marketing across email and other channels. The integrated approach involves a four-stage formula to help businesses optimize their email marketing using a process/algorithm over time.

  • Presenter: Maurice Flynn, Marketing Director, Altaire
  • Watch the session here.

How to Use Agile to Drive Marketing Campaigns

Agile Marketing is a hot topic right now, but not everyone is doing it right. Changing the copy or content during your campaign does not make you agile. Rather, there is a methodology to follow, which allows your marketing campaigns to shift and change faster and easier. In this webinar, Aniel Bhaga, Head of Growth at Ungapped, shared how to use the Agile methods to drive your marketing campaigns to a higher level.

  • Presenter: Aniel Bhaga, Head of Growth, Ungapped
  • Watch the session here.

Learn How to Save Time and Money When Creating Email Content

Quality content is key to every successful email marketing strategy. At the same time, it’s imperative that organizations know how much content to include in communications while delivering messages at the right time and on budget. Presenter Renee Chemel, Vice President Marketing, PowerInbox, provided expert time- and cost-saving strategies for marketers to use while creating email campaigns, borrowing strategies from website design.

  • Presenter: Renee Chemel, Vice President Marketing, PowerInbox
  • Watch the session here.

5 Ways to Increase Your Open Rates by 50% or More

Organizations can’t get their email messages across if no one reads them. In this webinar, Roy Weissman, Vice President of Sales,, presented five case studies that demonstrate how companies have been able to significantly increase email open rates for greater impact and profitability.

  • Presenter: Roy Weissman, Vice President of Sales,
  • Watch the session here.

The Four Must Do’s to Win the Inbox in 2017

In this how-to session, Melissa Turqman, Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development, Media Prowler, outlined the ingredients for crafting a successful email marketing campaign. Learn how the email marketing landscape has evolved during the past 10 years, why email marketing doesn’t always work – and where it has succeeded and the importance of testing and segmentation.

  • Presenter: Melissa Turqman, Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development, Media Prowler
  • Watch the session here.

Is Email the Junk Mail of Tomorrow? Not If We Can Help It!

At the dawn of the digital age, email heralded a bold turn away from junk mail and battling the paper bulge of the overworked mailbox. But in today’s crowded engagement landscape, email has started to feel more like a cheap imitation of its snail mail predecessor. Join the CMO Council for this live webinar panel, as they share the new rules of email marketing and how CMOs have adjusted strategies to optimize emails as part of a holistic customer experience.

  • Presenters: Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council; Julie Gibbs, VP, Corporate Marketing, Gigamon; Tommy Lamb, Director, CRM & Loyalty, Teleflora
  • Watch the session here.

TRACK 3: Email Analytics

Analytics can reveal whether your email marketing is having an actual impact, allowing you to make appropriate changes to your strategy. For marketers, understanding email analytics means honing the data that is at the heart of every successful email marketing campaign—without infringing on privacy. Personal data, including IP addresses, contact details, records, and other identifiers, must be protected.

Organizations that can apply this data to analytics drive better business outcomes. When all systems fire together, analytics inform and indicate the impact of every email campaign.

The Email Analytics track was especially compelling for marketing executives who are looking for technology solutions to better understand—and leverage—this rich data.

Getting your Email Marketing Team GDPR Compliant

The new GDPR regulations surrounding personal data are set to take effect in May 2018. Email marketers may find themselves unprepared to comply with the new challenges for gaining consent for new and existing data. In this session, Steve Henderson of Communicator Corp discussed how technology and copywriting can help enlist new registrants, and he will present examples as well as describe how organizations can run their own GDPR audits.

  • Presenter: Steve Henderson, Communicator Corp
  • Watch the session here.

3 Pathways to Boost Webinar Engagement Through Email

Email marketing plays a significant role for successful webinars, starting with a cadence of promotions that reliably drives registration to your content and ending with post-event follow ups with your qualification teams. In this webinar, David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK, will share learnings from a decade of experience and and tens of millions of email data points.

  • Presenter: David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK
  • Watch the session here.

Data Insights that Reveal the Motivation of the Mobile-First Consumer

Today’s consumers engage with brands through a variety of channels, including text, phone, and email. To reach consumers with messages via their preferred communication channel, organizations must first understand consumer behavior. Matt Buckenham, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Telmetrics, discussed the types and sources of available consumer data and give pointers on how to glean necessary insights to help connect more successfully with consumers and optimize email campaign response rates.

  • Presenter: Matt Buckenham, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Telmetrics
  • Watch the session here.

View one–or all–of the 15 on-demand webinars in the BrightTALK Email Marketing Summit. This exciting three-day online event provides all of the building blocks you need to raise the level of your email marketing activities to reach their full potential.

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