Building Relationships with Thought Leaders for Your Webinars

Building Relationships with Thought Leaders for Your Webinars

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My road trip to the Service Desk & IT Support Show 2012

As an IT service management community manager at BrightTALK, one of my main goals is to engage the community members by creating quality and timely content and providing the opportunity for them to interact with thought leaders and influencers who are keen to share their knowledge. Staying current on the evolution of the IT landscape and building relationships with industry experts is key. For this reason, I recently attended one of the largest physical events on IT service management, the Service Desk & IT Support Show in London (SDITS12). These are my personal highlights and takeaways from the event.

Network with thought leaders to find presenters for your webinars

The event was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many IT professionals, especially the numerous thought leaders that are involved in the IT service management community on BrightTALK. It was great to talk about the current hot topics over a coffee and discuss their next webinars at our events. (Don’t miss Matthew Burrows (@MatthewKBurrows), Barclay Rae (@barclayrae), and Noel Bruton (@NoelBruton) among others, who will be presenting at the upcoming Service Catalog Summit). I appreciated the opportunity to invite experts who have not presented on BrightTALK to share their insight and expertise in upcoming ITSM summits.

Use Twitter and hashtags to start conversations

It was exciting to see the extensive use of Twitter with the hashtag #SDITS12 and sponsored Twitter screens which encouraged online networking at the event. Attendees tweeted from sessions taking place in the theatres, creating a vibrant online conversation, and shared information about what was going on during the show. By tweeting about a physical or online event, you can quickly start conversations and relationships with a number of potential followers. It is a great way to find individuals in your industry with the same experience and interests as you.

Research popular and relevant content

The seminars and keynote sessions covered the most relevant and controversial topics in the IT service management community, including BYOD and social media. It was great to see many of our summit speakers in action, contributing to the development of new ideas, and generating open debate. Their insights gave me several ideas for topics for upcoming summits. Stay tuned!

SDITS12 proved to be a stimulating event that will lead to more lively discussions during the year. Visit BrightTALK for the latest IT service management summits or follow the Twitter page @ITSMWebinars to hear about more webinars and videos and contribute to the conversation!

Which are the current topics around IT service management that you would like us to cover in our webinars?

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