Catching Up with IT Security Leaders at RSA 2016

Catching Up with IT Security Leaders at RSA 2016

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San Francisco was taken over last week by the 25th annual RSA Conference, a five-day gathering of 40,000+ IT security professionals from all over the world. BrightTALK was in the middle of the action at this year’s event, mingling with the brightest minds in IT security and capturing their insights on video.

We partnered with Infosecurity Magazine to interview thought leaders on the latest news and trends in infosec.

In these short interviews, we quizzed the industry’s leading thinkers, using the opportunity to cover the larger concerns from the IT security world and topical editorial questions based around cyber current affairs.

One of our most captivating interviews was with Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure and a world-leading cyber security commentator and thinker. He’s a regular speaker for TED and is always an insightful guest.

Our conversation with Hypponen revolved around cyber warfare and the future of international conflicts, with cyber playing a key role.

“It’s quite clear that we are now seriously in the middle of a real cyber arms race.” @mikko #RSAC (Tweet this)

“We have vulnerabilities in systems [because] programs are written by humans – and humans make mistakes.” @mikko #RSAC (Tweet this)

We also caught up with EJ Hilbert, a former FBI agent who now heads PwC’s Cyber Security team. He’s a stalwart of the IT security thought leadership space and always brings a unique opinion, especially having held senior government roles along with corporate security positions.

Hilbert weighed in on the Apple vs. FBI iPhone unlock case, noting that despite his background working for the federal agency, he’s “against the idea of building a backdoor” and explains this case will set a precedent for the future.

Apple/FBI: “Tech companies won’t build it, but don’t be surprised if they help figure out how to.” @ejhilbert #RSAC (Tweet this)

“It should be the year of education. As we become more intelligent & aware, the threat goes down.” @ejhilbert #RSAC (Tweet this)

I’d highly recommend checking out the interviews and exploring more content from BrightTALK at RSA 2016 – enjoy!

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