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What’s New & What’s Next in Marketing Analytics

89% of marketers say improving the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact is a top priority, according to a recent survey from Demand Gen Report. As with many other areas in [...]


The Big Bang Theory of MarTech

In 2012, there were roughly 350 marketing technology vendors. Five years later, there are nearly 4,000. There are several factors that this “big bang” can be attributed to – advances in sectors [...]

CMOs Weigh In: Where Is B2B Marketing Headed in 2017?

What’s your best B2B marketing prediction for 2017? That’s the simple but important question we recently posed to the community of CMOs and marketing leaders on BrightTALK. The answers we [...]

Getting Started with Marketing Attribution in Salesforce

Today on the BrightTALK Academy, we were joined by Grant Grigorian, CEO of Path to Scale, a revenue performance management application used to report on lead-to-customer metrics, campaign ROI, [...]

The Ultimate Power Duo: Marketing Automation and Webinars

Integrating your marketing automation and webinar platforms is a smart way to get more value out of each system, while also tightening alignment within your marketing tech stack. With webinars, [...]

Introducing Best Practice Templates for Marketo & BrightTALK

Do you use Marketo and BrightTALK? If so, you likely know about the long list of benefits that comes with integrating these two powerful systems. But with our newly released best practice [...]

Live on BrightTALK: Marketing Intelligence & Analytics Summit

The availability of unfathomable amounts of data has played a key factor in the evolution of modern marketing, drastically changing marketers' roles and responsibilities. The marketing technology [...]

Prioritizing Prospects with Webinar Lead Scoring

It’s no secret that webinars are one of the most effective lead gen tactics. With live and on-demand availability, they attract large audiences and capture in-depth insights on viewers as they [...]

4 Key Elements of a Mobile Friendly Marketing Email

These days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on their smartphone -- whether sitting on the subway, eating at a restaurant, or walking down the street. People everywhere are immersed [...]

Convert Leads Faster with Webinar Integrations

Webinar engagement data provides your sales team with rich data about prospects to aid in identifying and connecting with the hottest leads. Why is this? Webinar platforms that track how long [...]

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