Product/Feature Updates

Our best kickoff ever was a virtual event

We hosted our first virtual company kickoff this week and it was a smashing success. Our kickoffs have always been energizing and informative, but this was the first year we weren’t in-person in [...]

Identify accounts and leads showing buying intent with BrightTALK Intent Leads

BrightTALK Intent Leads are a live feed of accounts and contacts engaging with topics you care about on BrightTALK. Enabling focused marketing and call campaigns with leads that are likely in a [...]


Extend your content reach with our new replay feature

Our replay feature helps you get more mileage out of your content.

3 Ways to Use Presenter-to-Audience Messaging

Creating an open dialogue between the audience and the presenter is the crux of a successful webinar. Audience members can communicate with the presenter by submitting questions, providing [...]

Engage Your Prospects with Smart AI-Driven Recommendations

For as complex as the science is, AI and machine learning have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Whether we’re browsing customized recommendations on Netflix or Amazon, or [...]

Drive More Audience to Your Content with New HTML5 Embeds

This week, we’ve released an exciting product update to help you drive more audience to your content and increase the time spent engaging on your website. If you visit the ‘invite your network’ [...]

Q2 BrightTALK Updates: Run Sleeker Webinars on the New BrightTALK HTML5 Player

Offering a clear and intuitive user experience is of key importance to all marketers. The success of your content goes hand in hand with how easy it is for your audience to consume. With this in [...]

5 Quick Wins for Success on BrightTALK

As a BrightTALK Channel owner, you have access to a powerful technology that helps you tell your story to the right audiences and grow your revenues. Here are five things you can do today to [...]

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Double Your Content Exposure with BrightTALK’s New HTML5 Embed

How are you leveraging your website to convert anonymous traffic into qualified leads? With BrightTALK’s new HTML5 channel embed, you can host all of your webinar and video content directly on [...]

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Channel Insights & Content Creation Are Now All in One Easy Place

Having real-time, key insights into your marketing efforts amplifies the success of your strategy. That’s why our Channel Experience team has completely redesigned the BrightTALK Channel [...]