Video Marketing

Panel Discussion: B2B Video Marketing in 2017

What impact is video having on B2B marketing in 2017? That’s the theme of the discussion we recently hosted in the BrightTALK Academy, as we were joined by marketing professionals from HSBC [...]

The B2B Buyer: How Video Is Changing the Way We Think

What’s the difference between the B2B and B2C buyer? If you’re a marketer, this may seem like an elementary question, and I’m sure you’re already listing the differences in your head. But what if [...]

Fresh Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

As more marketers rely on content marketing to educate prospects and move them through the funnel, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to break through the noise and identify effective methods [...]


BrightTALK: A Plethora of Insights at Your Fingertips

Every day new professionals enter your space, chomping at the bit to steal your job, market share, or outsmart you to gain your customers. Learning at an exponential rate is essential to the [...]

Marketing at the Olympics: Who’s Winning and What We Can Learn

This year, more than 1 in 3 people who say they rarely or never watch sports content, report that they plan to watch the summer Olympics, according to Think With Google. What does this mean for [...]

Your Questions Answered: Creating Marketing Videos that Guarantee ROI

Did you know that 74% of all internet traffic will be video by 2017? Video is now a non-negotiable component of marketing. However, while over 83% of B2B marketers in the UK and 79% of B2B [...]

Infosecurity 2016: One-on-One with Cyber Security’s Mavericks

Earlier this month, we attended Infosecurity Europe 2016 to speak with and learn from some of the world’s leading cyber security thinkers. In partnership with Infosecurity Magazine, we captured [...]

3 Ways to Expand Your Content Marketing

As content marketing continues to evolve and new challenges emerge, it’s always interesting to take a look at how other marketers are shifting their strategies and what they’re prioritizing [...]


8 Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing for the Camera: How to Prep Your Execs to Look Their Best

Those who have worked in the media industry understand that it takes time to help professionals feel comfortable in front of the camera, especially when they’re representing their [...]

The Impact of B2B Video Marketing [Infographic]

Over the past few years, the usage of video marketing in B2B has spiked dramatically. 79% of North American marketers and 83% of UK marketers used the tactic in 2015. The reason for this huge [...]

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