Channel and Webcast Findability

Channel and Webcast Findability

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It was once said: “Build and they will come.” While this might have been true in the past, it is definitely no longer the case online anymore. So how do you make sure your webcast and channel are findable and SEO-friendly?

At BrightTALK we ensure that our webcasts and channels are visible within our own ecosystem by using full-text search, tagging, and more, but how about outside? How do the search engines find and index your webcasts and channels?

Of course we use the standard protocols, such as XML sitemaps, but there is only so far we can go from a technology stand point. Part of the onus for SEO is on channel owners and how they develop and phrase the content they produce and publish on BrightTALK.

To help channel owners we provide fields into which they can add titles, descriptions and tags for their channels and webcasts, respectively. These are then used in the required parts of the page, from the page title, to the meta tags, to the actual body of the web page, and even under-layed under Flash in a way that is still readable for search engine robots.

Channel owners need to do their part, too, to think about how these fields can best be used to help them reach their audience.  They need to put their “SEO cap” on and begin to empathize with their target audience, applying the terminology they would use to find a webcast of interest via Google, Bing, or elsewhere to the requisite portions of the channel or webcast setup: title, description, and tags.

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