Clearing Your Content Clutter

Clearing Your Content Clutter

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The popularization of social profiles, blogs, RSS feeds as well as the increasing use of different communication mediums has made managing accounts across different platforms a challenge. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become a necessity for checking up on the day’s events and activities spanning from checking calendars, emails, and texts to posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Staying on top of these mediums during a busy workday can be a daunting task, but there is an easier way: automating alerts. Tools available to help streamline alerts to a convenient platform are a helpful and efficient way to control the excessive amount of information that professionals are bombarded with daily.

One tool that allows users to set trigger alerts across a number of different platforms is “If This Then That” (IFTTT). IFTTT acts as a trigger alert system and lets you create your own recipes by telling the site that if a certain action happens, then follow up the trigger with that action across another platform. With over 35 different channels to span across, IFTTT provides thousands of unique recipes for creating alerts. Here is a step-by-step guide for using IFTTT to help you with automation.

1) Go to

2) Register an account using a personal email address

3) You will then reach the dashboard, where you will find the option of building your own tasks as well as finding popular pre-made recipes used by others

4) Click into the “Tasks” tab and you are now ready to start creating your own recipes and triggers for automated alerts. You can choose your first trigger by clicking on the highlighted “this.”




5) Pick one of the 30+ platforms that you would like to set your trigger for. For instance, you can set a trigger for every time a tweet that mentions your brand is posted.





6) Activate the account that you have chosen so that ifttt can pull the necessary information for delivering your automated alerts

7) Customize your trigger. This is where the alert becomes specialized. Create triggers and alerts that will help you with scheduling, engagement, recording or whatever else you see fit. For instance, let’s say you are interested in adding new webinars to your calendar when they are added to a BrightTALK Channel RSS feed.

a. Choose the “Feed” option on ifttt as your trigger channel and select “New Feed Item”

b. Go to BrightTALK and select the “Share This” option on a webinar that interests you

c. Follow the RSS feed button on the bottom left of the webinar to the RSS feed page

d. Take the URL from this page and paste it into the “Feed URL” field in ifttt

e. Create your trigger







8) After setting up the trigger, it is time to set up the resulting action, or the actual alert. Click on the highlighted “that.”





9) You can now choose your action channel, which will be the course taken if the trigger fires. In this case we have chosen adding a calendar alert (via Gmail) to be the response to the RSS feed content update.







10) Complete the personalization of your calendar alert with whatever information you would like to update into your calendar. IFTTT provides premade add-ins for you to use.





11) Now all that is left is to name the task for your records and your alerts are prompted and ready to go!



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