Co-Presenting a Webinar? What to Do After the Presentation Is Over

Co-Presenting a Webinar? What to Do After the Presentation Is Over

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In order to reach new audiences and diversify their content offering, it’s common for marketers to host partners or customers on their webinars.

Managing and executing a successful guest webinar can either be a great success or a fumble — depending on how you handle the process. While most established webinar programs have a system in place to streamline logistics, this can all change when bringing in outside speakers.

We’ve put together a guide breaking down everything you’ll need to know for a successful partner webinar, but for skimmers, we’ve outlined the most important details in a series of blog posts, including tips on how to conduct platform trainings and dry runs.

Often times overlooked, the post-presentation follow up is just as important as the planning. This will determine the likelihood of working with that partner again and how they speak about you to others in the industry — potentially impacting future partnerships. Here are the key tasks to check off after the live event.

Send the list of attendees and engagement data. Make sure to include all registrants (whether they attend the live webinar or not). You may also choose to send an updated list after the webinar has been available on demand depending on your agreement.

Send unanswered questions. The moderator should parse through any lingering questions from the audience and decide the appropriate company for each question.  Determine the best internal contact to respond and provide them enough detail to send an introductory email to the attendee. If it’s better suited for your co-speaker, include the question and the contact information for the individual who asked it.

Provide the on-demand link. Enable your co-presenter to promote the on-demand webinar to their network by giving them the link to the recording ASAP. More than half of on-demand views come within the first two weeks. Be sure to provide them with a special tracking link to analyze how much traffic they drive to the recorded session.

Send a handwritten thank you and/or small gift. Recognize your speaker for investing time to participate in your webinar. A personal touch like this will help continue and evolve the relationship since they’ll be more likely to reach out in the future if they feel appreciated.

It’s important to take these steps after the live event to maximize the impact of your webinar and maintain stellar relationships with your guests. For a deep dive on co-presenting, download our complete guide: Co-Presenting Webinars: Your Ultimate Guide to Partner Presentations.

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