Come On, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Come On, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

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When Gordon Gekko utters these words to Bud Fox in the sales biopic Wall Street, it is 1985. If you watched the movie, you will remember that cell phone disguised as two bundled bricks with its leather briefcase accessory to hold the battery.

What Gekko wants is information he can’t get. What’s the difference between then and now? From the dawn of civilization to the decade of neon, punk and the most delightful fashion and design screamers, information was exclusive. Information was controlled by a privileged few, divulged at a premium and accessible to those who could afford it.

And then 1993 happened. Boom. The Internet set information free. What started as 130 websites ferociously blazed to 7 million in 2000 and over 400 million in 2012. Information democratized. Information commoditized. We all gained access to what was previously reserved for the Gekkos.

What this transformation means for your organization is that when your sales reps sit in a meeting, the buyer is often more educated than your seller. According to the Marketing Executive Council, buyers are 57% into the buying cycle before having a serious conversation with sales. 57 PERCENT!

It’s not surprising then that content marketing has become such a staple in marketing strategies the world over. After all, if you’re not the one providing the information to the buyer as they self-educate online and on mobile devices, it most certainly will be your competitor.

But there’s a twist – everyone is publishing content. Including cats. Content the traditional way – the text way – is like that brick for a phone with its leather briefcase accessory. Text just drowns in the noise.

With HTML5, aka ‘the visual web’ beckoning, content will never be the same. Content will be visual, engaging, interactive, streaming. And guess what, it should be. It already is. The groundswell has started. Why? Because as audiovisual creatures, we learn better that way. We retain information better that way. We remember things better that way. So what are you waiting for? Rise above the noise. Turn your content into engaging and interactive webinars and videos. Now.

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