Community Pages: Discover Relevant Content

Community Pages: Discover Relevant Content

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Relevance makes a website worthwhile. We’ve built our community pages to be a compilation of all the best and most recent presentations created for specific types of professionals. Whether you’re a wealth manager, IT security professional, or demand generation specialist, there’s a page on BrightTALK relevant to you.

Here’s a quick overview:

Community pages are based on job roles. The content within them is all developed for professionals dealing with the same challenges.

Featured content lets us highlight the best content. The top channel owners, presenters, and webcasts will be highlighted and updated regularly.

Pages will live longer than most media sites. Since they’re based on jobs rather than hot topics or trends, pages will remain relevant by always having room to evolve to focus on the current state of a profession.

Publishers can earn more visibility and views. By creating the best and most popular content, channel owners will earn visibility in the communities in which they participate.

This is only the beginning. These pages will continue to evolve as we get more feedback from our users. Let us know what you think.


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