4 Steps to Crafting Keyword-Optimized Webinar Abstracts

4 Steps to Crafting Keyword-Optimized Webinar Abstracts

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Crafting a webinar title and abstract that captures attention is a critical first step in attracting the right audience to your content. The most effective titles and abstracts are specific enough to highlight what viewers will learn, but also broad enough to capture the attention of a large audience base.

With over 215 billion emails, 500 million tweets, and 2 million blog posts published daily, keyword choice is vital to breaking through the masses. Captivating industry keywords can drive email open rates, click-through rates and ultimately registration rates.

Here are four easy ways to improve your discoverability, grab buyers’ attention and inspire engagement through your webinar abstract.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Consider your product or service along with the key points of your webinar. What are the relevant topics related to your solution? What are buyers going to be looking for when researching your topic? Rank your list in order of importance.

Step 2: Discover related terms

Plug the items from your list into a search engine and explore the related terms that are suggested for each topic. Write down the top few and consider using them your abstract.

Step 3. Identify trending terms

Reference a trending term algorithm such as Google Trends. These allow you to search for terms that cover hot topics on current news or the latest technologies. You can also tap into BrightTALK’s platform-wide insights of what over 5 million professionals are searching for (check out page 8 in the guide to find your target community).

For example, here are the top 10 search terms in the IT Security community on BrightTALK:

  • Security strategy
  • Security awareness
  • Cloud
  • SQL injections
  • Data noise
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Social media
  • Remediation
  • Security metrics
  • Intellectual properties

Step 4: Leverage BrightTALK communities

Communities provide a highly focused audience interested in the intricacies of your industry and can be leveraged to identify more powerful, specific keywords that may be difficult to find via more generic search tools.

BrightTALK communities have active target audience members that you can leverage to identify expert presenters, most popular channels, and recent content to provide further insights.

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Driving webinar attendance is critical to a successful presentation; however, registrations are also important for growing your database, especially since not everyone who registers will attend your webinar. Crafting insightful, targeted abstracts will help attract the right audience to your presentation to engage with your content and brand.

For other tips on maximizing quality engagement with your content, download our complete guide: Crafting Titles and Abstracts that Drive Webinar Registrations.

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