How to Create a Behavior-Based Webinar Promotion Strategy

How to Create a Behavior-Based Webinar Promotion Strategy

 In B2B Engagement Marketing

When promoting a webinar through email, you need a well-crafted strategy to engage as much of your target audience as possible.

This is because it often takes more than one email to get someone to register for your webinar — which means building in multiple touches to accommodate any possible engagement (or lack thereof) with your email.

For example, you should have different pathways built depending on whether an individual did or didn’t open an email, clicked through but didn’t engage further, or didn’t click through. Addressing each specific behavior allows you to successfully engage and convert more of your audience into webinar attendees.

Each message should connect to the previous email sent as well as the next one in the series. Promoting with consistent behavior-based messages will push more viewers to your webinars and increase your revenue opportunity.

Starting with the initial promotional email (sent 2-3 weeks before your event), refer to the chart below to help build your strategy.


Here are examples of promotional messages we sent to drive attendees to our recent Email Marketing Summit, a three-day online event featuring more than a dozen webinars. In this example, we’ll illustrate how someone would move along email path B.

Touch #1

This initial email was sent two weeks before the live event to a broad audience of B2B marketers. The intent of this send was to drive audience to a specific webinar in the Summit (primary CTA) while also promoting the event as a whole (secondary CTA).


Touch #2

Let’s assume someone opened and clicked on that first email but didn’t register. Here’s the next email they would have received one week later. This email is designed to refresh their memory about the event and encourage them to register.


Touch #3

Assuming you’re running a three-week pre-event promotional cycle, the next (and final) email is sent depending on whether or not they signed up after receiving that second email.

If they did register, send them two simple reminder emails: one on the day before the webinar and another one 15 minutes before the webinar. If they didn’t register, remove them from future sends in this campaign.


Mapping out your promotional strategy is just the beginning of driving strong webinar attendance through email. You also need to strategically craft your emails to optimize webinar attendance, focusing on things like your subject line, calls to action, and branding.

Download our guide to learn more: 9 Ways to Build Higher Webinar Attendance with Email.

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