Cyber vs. Cyber: Combating Ransomware & Other Threats in the Financial Sector

Cyber vs. Cyber: Combating Ransomware & Other Threats in the Financial Sector

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This is a guest post from Steve Bergman, Senior Partner at Fortium Partners.

Will deep learning and cognitive AI soon become the first path to cyber threat detection and mitigation strategies? As bad actors continue to exploit the distributed power of the internet and instrument large-scale exploits across multiple countries, it is becoming increasingly clear that the good guys remain outgunned.

As was evidenced by Friday’s WannaCry ransomware attack that affected millions of computers across 150 countries placing critical data and infrastructure at risk, it seems increasingly likely that there will be a growing role in enterprise security for powerful big data aggregation and massive compute infrastructure to combat future attacks.

As technology companies grow the capabilities to detect, analyze, mitigate and then “learn,” there will undoubtedly be a growing role for AI and deep learning in the cyber warfare arena as an offset to the increasing capabilities of cyber criminals.

By ingesting massive databases in real-time, social listening in forums, blogs, and traditional knowledge structures, cognitive AI will soon become a viable first line of defense against cyber criminals. It seems unlikely that the role of well-trained security professionals armed with powerful monitoring and analysis tools will be displaced in the near future, but as is happening in the healthcare industry AI is becoming accepted as a powerful first line defense to quickly determine root cause and make connections between millions of relationships.

Analyzing data on massive scales and facilitating cognitive learning capabilities will create new data relationships that begin to tip the scales back to security professionals who can intervene in critical situations. Promising cyber technologies like blockchains and advanced identity tools may help slow the perpetrators while learning machines detect, identify and mitigate threats on behalf of humans. The power of cyber may in fact become the asset that overcomes the power of cyber.

Watch Steve’s panel, “Protecting Your Revenue, Reputation & Meeting Regulatory Requirements,” with fellow industry leaders Doug Howard (RSA), Marty Colburn (Cloud Partners), and Larry Whiteside, Jr. (ICMCP), from this week’s Securing FinTech Summit.


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