December's Customer Content Toolkit

Roma Patel
Customer Marketing Manager
December 3, 2021

These days marketers spend 83% of their time planning future strategies that can help stimulate demand generation efforts and impact the overall bottom line. Whether you’re in planning mode or looking for ideas to refresh your marketing tactics, there are readily available resources you can leverage to cut your planning time in half, leaving more time for creativity. Reclaim innovation in 2022 and beyond by becoming a pro at the easy stuff so that you can focus on the big picture.

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll keep things simple for you by sending you a customized toolkit, based on your selected topic. Outlined below, each week will be dedicated to a specific phase of planning, with each email containing specially curated resources that the BrightTALK marketing team has created to help you effectively achieve business success.

Week 1: Plan

Our first email to you will provide you with the basic building blocks needed for any effective go-to-market strategy. We’ll set you up with the right templates so that you can create a strong foundation that centers around content planning, alignment and so much more.

Week 2: Execute

In week 2, you’ll learn some of our most prized tips and tricks when it comes to approaching the logistics and execution of your marketing programs. Whether you’re interested in how to run webinars or virtual events, you’ll find valuable insights that you can implement into your programs seamlessly.  

Week 3: Measure

Measurement is essential to understanding success and ultimately the ROI of your programs and channels. In week 3, we’ll prepare you to identify key data points and how to organize your systems and data so that you can set specific internal benchmarks for success.

Week 4: Scale

Once your strategy is fully functional, it’s integral to keep it running smoothly at scale. This last and final email will provide you with materials outlining how we at BrightTALK have learned to turn certain dials to elevate our programs and how you can do the same.

Stay tuned for next week’s email!

This toolkit is one of many resources shared exclusively with our growing base of 1200+ customers. Find out how you can start promoting your content as a BrightTALK customer and request a demo with us today.

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