Director and Above Titles Don’t Make Decisions Like They Used To

Director and Above Titles Don’t Make Decisions Like They Used To

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This post is an excerpt from Cost Per Lede: A Modern Marketer’s CPL written by BrightTALK VP of the Global Audience Business Andrew Goldner. You can find him tweeting at @agoldner.

Historically, influence and decision making inside of the enterprise was concentrated heavily among senior management. This was based primarily on two factors:

  1. Access to and publication of information, itself, was concentrated among more senior managers
  2. The cost and implementation of on-premises software favored centralized purchasing and mandated IT involvement

That logic is now outdated. The cost of creating, disseminating, and consuming information has reduced to near zero, so more content is being created. Simultaneously, social media platforms, MOOCs, and the proliferation of professional blogs make it nearly effortless for professionals at all levels to stay abreast of current trends and connect with and learn from a wide variety of experienced professionals.

Employee-generated content

Companies are also rapidly adopting collaboration platforms and encouraging employees of every level to create employee-generated content (EGC), share content they are consuming, and exchange views. Influence has permeated the enterprise. Decision makers delegate due diligence to junior colleagues, and newly minted professionals are proactively self-educating and impacting business and buying decisions. This is especially true as the newest generation of employees arrive armed with a superior technology comfort level and natural sharing behaviors.

A new class of B2B buyers

At the same time as more employees are exerting actual influence by self-educating and sharing, the proliferation of low-impact, low-cost, cloud-based solutions have disintermediated centralized purchasing and IT departments and a new class of B2B decision makers/buyers has been formed.

Modern marketers can future-proof the performance of their marketing programs by shedding traditional thinking and implementing a content marketing strategy designed to reach professionals at every stage of their career.

Learn more about modern marketing metrics in Cost Per Lede: A Modern Marketer’s CPL.

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