Ditch the Bullet Points. Seriously!

Ditch the Bullet Points. Seriously!

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Death by PowerPoint.” This is an obsolete saying in my opinion. What’s really getting marketers stuck is subpar presentations that don’t incorporate storytelling and design to drive your message.

Whether you have 20,000 people attending your presentation or 120, a presentation is an exchange agreement between you and the viewers. Your audience will be more engaged when they know you’re invested in helping them.

When designing your presentation, always have at least one revision where you evaluate the visuals and make sure that they inspire your audience. Your talk track or notes should be the only cues you need. Never let your presentation be your crutch. The visuals should enhance the audience’s experience and drive your message home to create that “it” feeling with your viewers.

Not sure how to ditch the bullet points? Here are three popular (but effective) alternatives.

The quote slide

By leveraging a short, but punchy quote, you can add inspiration behind what you’re speaking to. Quotes should be used when you’re talking about high-level, forward-thinking information. These easy-to-create slides can leave an impression on your audience – not to mention a social share.

Try to humanize your presentation by bringing in authentic images to enhance the quote. However, remember that people can read faster than the average person talks, so make sure it doesn’t detract from what you’re saying.

(Uberflip & doubledutch)

The data-driven slide

Your prospects and clients want to understand the impact of your efforts – whether it’s your products, best practices, or industry changes. Declutter your slides and just let the numbers speak for themselves.


(Microsoft & DocuSign)

The diagram slide

Diagrams are great ways to illustrate a process, structure, or ecosystem. Roughly 65% of the population is comprised of visual learners, and according to MIT, humans can process visuals in as little as 13 milliseconds. Ditch the bland text and enable the brain to absorb your message through visuals.


(Salesforce Pardot)

Bullet points can signify that you don’t understand your message well enough to visualize it or that you rushed through the creation process.

As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

That’s what engaging online presentations do. They take complex business problems or solutions and visualize them. The speaker leverages these visuals to take unfamiliar ideas and influence the audience.

Curious about the science behind engaging presentations? Register below to join us on Wednesday, May 18th at 9am Pacific as we team up with Prezi to discuss the neuroscience behind inspiring your online audience.

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