Ditch Your Q&A Slide: Here’s Why

Ditch Your Q&A Slide: Here’s Why

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Most webinar decks have the main objective or call to action on the last slide (also known as the “connect slide.”) This critical slide, often featuring important information on how to connect with presenters, is normally placed after the Q&A as a last thought before sending attendees on their way.

While answering questions, most presenters use a basic “Questions?” or “Q&A” slide. But there are two unavoidable aspects of the Q&A session:

1. Some attendees will leave the session once the “presentation” is over.

2. The Q&A session takes time, about 5-10 minutes on average.

At this point, attendees tend to tune out, move on to their next important task, or check their emails, and all too often the vital connect slide goes unnoticed or ignored.

There’s one simple tweak that can both combat the loss of audience and help you get more out of your Q&A session: Post your connect slide in lieu of a Q&A slide, displaying it throughout the entire discussion session.

Most marketers don’t take advantage of this valuable space. End your webinar by introducing the next steps you want your viewers to take, THEN invite discussion. While viewers are listening to the Q&A session they are drawn to the slide on the screen. This is the perfect time to display your most valuable information.

As mentioned above, viewers often start multitasking while you’re doing your Q&A. So by giving them links, Twitter handles, landing pages, etc., you can impact what they are doing while surfing the web.

This valuable tip also eliminates the need to rush the Q&A to get to the connect slide at the end with only 20 seconds to promote. Allowing your connect slide to be up for the entirety of the discussion session means an extra 5-10 minutes of advertising space. Use it!

Your connect slide can introduce all kinds of valuable resources to your audience, including:

  • Contact information: social handles, email, and website
  • Links to webinar handouts, downloads, guides, white papers
  • Speaker’s bio
  • Your upcoming book
  • Promo code for discounted services or products
  • Consultation offer
  • Request for feedback
  • Newsletter signup information
  • Free trial, beta test or product demo registration information
  • Details on your next event

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

VentureBeat webinar

ANNUITAS webinar

Regardless of your webinar’s style or tone, an informative, well-placed connect slide can extend your reach and increase your opportunity to connect with your viewers.

When strategically utilized, your Q&A session can be maneuvered to revive the attendees’ craving for the product or service you have to offer. Need more webinar tips? Check out our most recent webinar in the BrightTALK Academy: Webinars 101: Tips, Tricks & Don’ts.

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