Do Your Videos Have the Necessary Elements to Engage Viewers?

Do Your Videos Have the Necessary Elements to Engage Viewers?

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With nearly 75% of executives watching work-related videos every week, video needs to be a critical element to keeping your brand and solutions in front of your potential buyers.

Some marketers find video creation, production, and promotion a daunting task with less trackable ROI. There are many resources out there to help manage the process, but to get the most out of your creation, make sure you go in with an informed vision of exactly what you want your video to accomplish.

To get started, here are four characteristics of videos that engage:

1. Be memorable

With the massive amount of content produced each day, your content needs to stand out from the pack in order to be effective. A memorable video should incorporate:

  • Compelling visuals
  • Engaging story
  • Relevance to audience

Example: For April Fool’s Day, Google for Work released a video about a fictitious product called Google Actual Cloud Platform. The fun tone and unique perspective made it immediately memorable and shareable across the web.

2. Be informative

Your video should leave viewers with a new understanding of the market, your product or company. Providing simple, easy-to-remember takeaways makes your content more impactful and shareable.

Example: Directly produced a video case study to illustrate how they help their customers — from Pinterest’s point of view. The video showcases great statistics and information, but what makes it truly informative is that it comes from the point of view of an actual customer. Full disclosure: We helped them make this video. We’re a bit proud of it 🙂

3. Be focused

With the average visitor spending less than 15 seconds on your website, you’ve got to get to the point quickly. If not, viewers might skip past your video entirely.

Example: This video by SAP successfully inspires and addresses real business concerns in just about a minute. The campaign was extremely successful and turned into a global tour with events and customer testimonials.

4. Be human

Even if you’re marketing to businesses, it’s ultimately people who consume your content and make the buying decisions. Establishing a connection is all about showing your human side; you build trust and authenticity in your brand if you can do this successfully.

Example: In General Electric’s emoji science campaign, they explain complex technology ideas using emojis, something they know is interesting to many people. They also brought in Bill Nye, a recognizable face, to help with the human element.

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