Does Your Webinar Platform Solve Your Problems?

Does Your Webinar Platform Solve Your Problems?

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When evaluating webinar platforms, marketers should choose a product that streamlines processes and allows them to focus on more strategic aspects of their webinars, such as developing and promoting content. With the right platform, the technology can alleviate many of marketers’ biggest webinar pain points, automatically.

Frost & Sullivan, a leading analyst firm, conducted some research and found three of the most common webinar challenges – does your platform solve them?

1. Time-consuming webinar setup, scheduling, and presenter training.

The manual processes associated with managing live webinars have historically represented a significant time commitment for marketers. All too often, marketing professionals spend a great deal of time on these tedious logistics.

Solution: Let the technology do the work: top webinar platforms send automated reminder and follow-up emails, create landing pages, and more.

2. Labor-intensive workloads are subject to human latency and error, such as manually entering audience data into CRM and marketing automation software.

One of the most important goals of a webinar program is effortlessly pushing leads to your sales team. Your webinar tool should seamlessly transfer all of your rich audience data from your webinars into your CRM and marketing automation platform. These processes used to be done manually, leaving them open to human error and lag in delivery to your sales team.

Solution: Choose a platform that integrates with your CRM and marketing automation software to save time and hand over engaged leads to your sales team right away.

3. The cumbersome processes of converting live content to on-demand, and then publishing and distributing it.

With many platforms, the process of making content available on demand is complicated and time consuming — but it’s incredibly important to make your content available on demand as soon as possible. In fact, half of all on-demand views come within the first two weeks of your webinar being available on demand. Not having your content easily accessible equals a loss of audience and potential revenue.

Solution: Make sure your platform publishes your on-demand webinar automatically. The best platforms make your webinar available on demand immediately after the live session via the same URL.

To learn more about webinar technology pain points and how BrightTALK can solve them, join Frost & Sullivan on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10am PDT for their live webinar: Easy to Use Webinar Platforms Make Marketing Programs More Effective.

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