Don’t Be Spooked by Halloween! 3 Tips for B2B Marketers

Don’t Be Spooked by Halloween! 3 Tips for B2B Marketers

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Halloween is an unavoidable holiday. If you have kids, you’ve seen them wear their costume for the past week, and you’ve almost certainly tried (and failed) to take it away from them and hide it. You can’t get away from Halloween at home, but you shouldn’t even think about avoiding it at work, especially with a record 170 million Americans planning to celebrate this year, according to the National Retail Foundation.

If you can’t avoid it, you might as well join it. Here are some ideas for B2B marketers to try to take advantage of the excitement around the holiday.

1. Use Halloween to humanize your company

It’s common for offices to host some variety of Halloween event, be it wearing costumes to work or festive decorations somewhere around the building. Everyone wants to know that they’re doing business with a human, not just a company. This is a great opportunity to use rich media marketing and reach out in a friendly, non-intrusive way. A quick tweet with a picture or a brief video from around the office go a long way towards helping your customers feel more connected to you. Here at BrightTALK, we partook in a pumpkin-decorating competition:

We don’t play when it comes to our pumpkin decorations: #Halloween at #BrightTALK…

— BrightTALK (@BrightTALK) October 31, 2012

Another option would be to activate your social media network with a Halloween-related contest. If you have a good social media presence, ask followers across your various channels to tweet or send in a picture of the best costume – and then shower the winner in praise. Or a tweet. It would be hard to beat our own Liam McLaughlin (@McLaughLiam) and his excellent Ron Burgundy or Brent Meredith as Indiana Jones, but you’re welcome to try.

2. Get attention without compromising your brand

Your customers, both present and future, notice change and appreciate festivity, and Halloween colors are very distinctive. While few B2B brands alter their homepage or logo, you might consider decorating your Twitter or Facebook page for with some lighthearted colors, but be careful to stay true to your branding and corporate style.

Jan McDaniel, the BrightTALK Chief Marketing Officer, cautions marketers against making Halloween-related brand modifications too freely. “It really depends on who your target audience is. If you’re Google, you’re going to make that personal connection and you have more leeway with your brand. If you’re IBM, you would never do that.”

3. Create chilling content marketing

Be inspired by Halloween like these marketers were, and write terrifying content.

Writing a Halloween-themed blog post or tweet is the easiest way to get involved in the holiday fun. Choose a couple of terms from the Halloween vocabulary list, brainstorm a creative promotion and you’re well on your way.

What did you do for Halloween promotions this year? All of us here at BrightTALK wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

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