Embedded Webcasts: Good for SEO?

Embedded Webcasts: Good for SEO?

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For anyone who knows more than just a little about SEO, you will quickly recognize that the use of Flash content online has its drawbacks. So surely the answer to the above posed question is a “no,” right? Well, perhaps not!

BrightTALK offers a great way to market and deliver content to an audience. By its very nature, the webcast content being created through BrightTALK is automatically useful as part of a wider SEO strategy for the creation of content. To this end, embedded BrightTALK players help provide a good center piece around which to develop your own content.

By taking an embeddable webcast player and putting it on your own site or blog, and writing relevant content to sit around it, you have a quick and easy mechanism by which to draw an audience in via Google and elsewhere to see it.

So to fully optimize your webcast as part of your wider SEO strategy, you will need to build relevant content around it, and make sure that it is optimized using traditional SEO techniques. But in doing so and by capturing your ideal audience, the embed itself will act as the perfect technique to keep the site or blog visitors glued to the screen and listening whilst you make the second marketing pitch to them.

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