Empower Your Team with Manager Access to Your Channel

Empower Your Team with Manager Access to Your Channel

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At BrightTALK we understand marketers and strive to build products that make telling your story to the right audience easy and effective. One of the most requested features we’ve encountered in our conversations with clients has been the desire to grant channel manager access to multiple members of their team without the need to share user credentials.

We’re pleased to announce that the BrightTALK Enterprise Channel now offers the ability to grant manager access.


Once you add a user as a channel manager, they will have full access to your channel and be able to create content and see full audience reporting.

Channel managers will see all channels they have manager access to in the “Channels I own” section of the My BrightTALK page.

Adding channel managers

Adding channel managers is simple and you can do it at any point and without the need to contact BrightTALK. Go to the settings tab and look for the channel managers section on the left. To add a user as a channel manager, just enter their email address; as long as they already have a BrightTALK account they will be granted access straight away.



From this section you can also control which channel managers receive email alerts from your channel, such as confirmations about scheduled videos and webinars and pre-event reminders. You can grant and revoke access at any time.

Do you have any feedback on the channel manager access feature or an example of how you plan to use it to get more value from your BrightTALK Channel? Let us know at product@brighttalk.com or in the comments below.

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