Engage Community Members Across Platforms to Drive Growth

Engage Community Members Across Platforms to Drive Growth

 In B2B Engagement Marketing

This is a guest post from Melanie Turek, VP & Fellow of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan.

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, if you’re developing and supporting communities on sites like BrightTALK, it’s important to continuously engage your audience to maintain their interest and grow your community.

That means offering a steady stream of information on compelling topics that get to the heart of what matters to your audience, and their business. But it also means interacting with community members in multiple ways, to ensure that you are reaching them on all their channels of choice.

Engaging buyers across the social network ecosystem can help marketers grow their communities, and thus their business. A recent Frost & Sullivan survey of 655 BrightTALK users reveals that they also make use of other social sites, including LinkedIn (97 percent of respondents have a professional profile on LinkedIn), Twitter (43 percent), Facebook (32 percent) and Quora (eight percent).

That’s important to keep in mind for marketers who publish their content on BrightTALK, as well as for those who are looking for other ways to reach their prospects. And it means these community members tend to be tech-savvy and very willing to search for information and network with their peers online.

Indeed, the Frost & Sullivan research shows that almost three quarters of all respondents regularly share content with their colleagues at least several times a week—typically webinars and videos that they themselves found useful.

And generally, these professionals consider themselves to be strong collaborators, with 79 percent saying that their collaborative efforts are highly productive. More than two-thirds note that their business strategy is supported by their collaboration efforts, and that their collaboration is characterized by excellent teamwork and commitment.

Those results suggest that BrightTALK community members are especially open to sharing information and knowledge with their colleagues—which makes them excellent peers for the communities they belong to, especially given that the vast majority of users cite peer reviews and analyses as the things they value most from their membership.

Creating an active, engaged community is key to leveraging it for marketing—and ultimately business—success. Broadly speaking, BrightTALK users want information to advance their professional development and to learn about specific products and technologies they are currently researching and looking to buy.

By helping them find such content around the Internet—leveraging social media and users’ inherent desire to share useful information with their peers—marketers can extend their reach, and its impact.

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