Engage Your Prospects with Smart AI-Driven Recommendations

Engage Your Prospects with Smart AI-Driven Recommendations

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For as complex as the science is, AI and machine learning have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Whether we’re browsing customized recommendations on Netflix or Amazon, or protecting ourselves with automatic spam detection through Gmail or Outlook, we rely on machine learning each day.

When you put your content on BrightTALK, you’re now leveraging the science behind machine learning to engage your audience in more sophisticated and effective ways. Our new smart recommendation feeds, located on the right side of the player, are completely personalized to each viewer’s interests and are powered by a machine-learning algorithm that improves over time.

Audience members will now see content relevant to their interests, based on a combination of the webinar they are currently watching and their past content viewing habits. The more they browse and watch content on BrightTALK, the more customized their feeds.



Smart feeds are a great way for attendees to explore new and interesting content — without having to search for it. Audience members will see recommended upcoming, live, and recorded webinars and videos from across BrightTALK, built into their webinar viewing experience. This means that your content will gain additional exposure to the people it is most relevant to, with no additional effort on your part.

After just the first two weeks of this release, we’ve seen a 50% increase in feed conversions month over month. This is a reflection of the effectiveness of offering your audience content that’s most relevant to them.

If you’re a BrightTALK customer, there are several things you can do to maximize the exposure of your content in smart feeds:

  • Write engaging webinar titles and abstracts with relevant keywords. Our algorithm uses metadata in its relevance calculations to match keywords used in your titles and abstracts with audience interests.
  • Upload a catchy feature image. Your cover slide is often the first thing potential viewers see. Make sure your content stands out in the feed by including an eye-catching image — every click on your content sends a signal to our algorithm that the webinar is relevant and should be featured more often!
  • Include your channel on the BrightTALK portal. All channels on our portal automatically feature built-in smart feeds. If you aren’t currently including your content on brighttalk.com, contact your customer success manager so you don’t miss out on this significant engagement feature.

If you’re a BrightTALK user, make sure you’re actively engaging with content that interests you. As you interact with more webinars and videos on BrightTALK, we’ll better understand what appeals to you – and be able to serve you more of it!

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