Engaging B2B Audiences Through Online Communities

Engaging B2B Audiences Through Online Communities

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What motivates someone to join and actively participate in an online community? As an education platform with more than 4 million users in 81 professional communities, this is something we’re constantly evaluating to engage more professionals across the globe.

Recently, Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey of more than 1,000 registered BrightTALK users (active, semi-active, and inactive) to determine the drivers for use, the perceived value of the content, and the benefits of belonging to the BrightTALK community.

The findings contain some solid insights for marketers running webinar and video programs; keep reading for a preview or download the full executive brief from Frost & Sullivan.

They found that no matter the activity level of the individual user, most respondents initially joined BrightTALK to participate in a specific webinar.

More active users are also strongly motivated by the potential for professional development on BrightTALK. Whereas access to useful content is more important to less-frequent users, active users look to the BrightTALK community to improve their skills, uncover, and share best practices, and find like-minded peers inside and outside their industries.

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While the first step is to attract these users, it’s just as crucial to make sure they stay engaged with your company. So Frost & Sullivan asked: What keeps people coming back to a content hub like BrightTALK?

For starters, ease of use is absolutely critical, with nearly 90% of all users listing it as important. Less important factors include site security and access to technical support.

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For users, the most valuable aspect of the BrightTALK platform was the ability to easily discover new content. It’s important, therefore, that marketers ensure their content contains fresh insights and is easy to find (ease of search was ranked as the second most important function of the platform).

According to the survey, respondents were most interested in educational content such as tutorials on new technologies or best practices, forward-looking trends, case studies, and analysis from their peers.

It’s clear that these professionals are hungry for original content that will help them advance their careers and solve job-related questions — which presents a big opportunity for marketers. By providing genuinely helpful content, marketers have the ability to form meaningful relationships with their prospects, building trust and establishing subject authority.

For a more in-depth discussion of these results and tactical tips for engaging the professionals in these communities, watch the on-demand webinar presented by Melanie Turek, VP of Connected Work Research at Frost & Sullivan, and Nick Markwith, Senior Manager of Communities & Audience Growth at BrightTALK.

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