Executives Cite the Power of Storytelling Through Webinars and Videos as Most Successful in Lead Generation

Executives Cite the Power of Storytelling Through Webinars and Videos as Most Successful in Lead Generation

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“We’re big believers in the power of storytelling to grow and strengthen the connection to our audience,” said Tim Washer, Senior Manager for social media at Cisco Systems, in response to B2B Magazine’s question about the most effective techniques for lead generation. B2B posed the question to chief marketing and executive officers across different industries, creating a series of testimonials that showcase the importance of engagement based on thought leadership and a strong bidirectional connection between enterprises and their audiences.

Executives shared that thought leadership content is key for differentiating their brands in the eyes of their clients. Through the noise that dilutes marketing efforts across verticals, “the voice of a legitimate expert stands out,” said Malcolm Friedberg, CEO of Left Brain DGA. It is no wonder, then, that webinars and videos are increasingly used as a powerful tool for establishing and spreading thought leadership. In particular, they provide an easy and effective way to create or repurpose content that can then be disseminated across marketing channels and leveraged in nurtuing campaigns and in sales conversations.

Because of user-friendly capabilities such as live delivery, presenter-to-audience chat, audience questions, polls and social sharing, webinars create a highly engaging experience and a real sense of communication between presenter and audience. In the words of Cisco’s Tim Washer, “Webcast tools such as BrightTALK provide a simple, efficient way to connect our executives directly with customers and analysts, allowing them access to ask questions and deepen relationships.”

The tradition of telling stories to preserve knowledge and influence people is hardly new. Storytelling has been used since early history to build relationships, establish leadership and inspire people to action. As a marketer in a digital world, I am pleased to be reminded of the power of the combination of thought leadership, relationship nurturing and advanced technology to successfully generate leads and build businesses.

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