EXFO’s Director of Marketing-Communications, Webinar Extraordinaire, Shares 3 of His Top Tips

EXFO’s Director of Marketing-Communications, Webinar Extraordinaire, Shares 3 of His Top Tips

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Louis Adam knows how to run a successful webinar program. As Director of Marketing-Communications at EXFO, he and his team plan, manage, and produce 85 webinars per year.

By implementing these strategies, they increased new webinar leads by 250%, saw a 17% increase in webinar attendance rate, and had $42 million in opportunities influenced by webinars.

We sat down with Louis, who shared a few of his best tips for producing exceptional webinars. More best practices will be shared during his BrightTALK Academy presentation tomorrow.

Prep your speakers appropriately. You need to prepare your speakers with all of the tools and information they need to present a great webinar – without the stress. Things like preparing the presentation deck, rehearsing, and doing a dry run on the platform will help increase familiarity. Check in with them weekly (depending on your timeline) to make sure they are comfortable and understand what to expect.

Experiment with different content formats. Each organization has their own sweet spot when it comes to their content mix. Experiment with different formats to see what works best for your audience. Ideas include traditional audio and slides webinars, videos, screenshares, and product demonstrations.

Keep engaging your audience after the webinar. EXFO includes post-event surveys after all of their webinars. Instead of just requesting feedback or ratings, they ask specific questions to further qualify leads and uncover specific pain points to drive better connections. And as part of the questionnaire, they ask their audience if they would be interested in providing testimonials. In one year, they received 100 testimonials from the survey.

For more tips from Louis on how to run a top-notch webinar program, watch his on-demand presentation: How to Run 85 Webinars a Year Without Losing Your Mind.

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