Exploring the Past: The History of BrightTALK

Exploring the Past: The History of BrightTALK

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As BrightTALK approaches its 10th year in business, we decided to take a look back at where it all began. BrightTALK has become known for its commitment to providing valuable insight through online events. In this two part series we will take you on a journey through BrightTALK’s past, its progress to date and where we see BrightTALK heading in the future.

Part 1 – In the beginning there was webcasting

BrightTALK was born in London in 2002 when two entrepreneurial colleagues set out to discover new ways of communicating with audiences using rich audio and video technologies. They used their experience in internet technology to pursue the development of webcasting in industries where knowledge was a sought after resource.

Initially BrightTALK targeted the fast moving, knowledge-rich world of fund management. Highly-paid knowledge professionals in this industry are critical to the success of their companies to a greater extent than almost any other industry. In order to help these professionals maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customers, BrightTALK created its first platform that could deliver recorded video presentations with synchronized slides and audio (webcasting). This proved to be very popular and by the end of 2003 BrightTALK had worked with more than 30 investment management companies.

By 2005 BrightTALK had widened its focus, working in other knowledge-based sectors such as technology, human resources and health. In addition BrightTALK upgraded its platform, rebuilding the original webcasting technology and positioning BrightTALK as a leading European webcasting technology and services provider. The outcome, BrightTALK Media Zone, was an online platform designed to meet the webcasting needs of large enterprises. The company extended its investment into online events by funding the development of a new webcasting business, e-Symposium™, which it would acquire by the end of the year.

During 2006 the business enjoyed rapid growth as existing products developed into a full mix of live online event products and services. In order to target the world’s leading technology companies, BrightTALK opened its first US office in San Francisco. During 2007 the company made early inroads into the US market and achieved rapid growth in EMEA.

Much of the development experienced in 2007 did not become visible in the market until 2008. BrightTALK worked in stealth mode to develop a series of technology breakthroughs, which made live audio webcasting possible as a self-service tool. As a result of these breakthroughs, BrightTALK prepared itself to launch technology that would change the market for online events.

In Part 2 learn how BrightTALK changed the way businesses thought about and ran webcasts.

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