Extend the Life and Reach of Your Webinar with On Demand

Extend the Life and Reach of Your Webinar with On Demand

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As marketers, our attention is constantly shifting throughout the day. Let’s be honest: we’ve all downloaded a white paper only to drop it in an obscure folder to read later, never to look at it again. Unfortunately, that same destiny may await our webinars as well.

Often, viewers register for a webinar with the intention of watching it live, but skip the event as their priorities are in constant flux. In fact, only 49% of your pre-registered audience will attend the live event.

To avoid the missed opportunity of the “obscure folder” scenario, companies need to make their content available to be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Watching your webinar should be effortless for your audience. As the producer, it’s your job to ensure this simple experience. It’s a customer-first world for marketers — be where your customers are and make it easy for them to engage with your content.

Consider YouTube’s origins. Historically, in order to watch a movie or video, you had to wait patiently for it to air on cable or rent or buy it from a store. Ultimately, YouTube was created to provide video content on-demand, thus matching content to viewership demand. We should apply the same approach to webinars.

While the on-demand model efficiently connects content to viewership demand, it is promotion of the webinars that increases the volume of demand, and also enables the generation of valuable leads. And what better way to promote your content than to direct professionals to your channel where all of your webinars are accessible at their convenience?

Today, 94% of B2B buyers conduct some amount of research on the product or service before purchasing. With on demand, you can showcase an entire range of rich content (including webinars, product demos, and videos) to automatically nurture your leads and encourage further engagement.

For that reason, it’s important to upload your webinar immediately after the live event and continue to promote it afterwards to maximize visibility and viewership. 51% of your on-demand views will come within the first 14 days of your webinar being available on demand.

Don’t let your webinars collect dust. Learn more about how you can refresh and reuse your content to drive new revenue in our on-demand webinar: “Generating New Leads With Last Year’s Webinars.

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