Extend the Life of Your Webinars and Videos with Engagement Emails

Extend the Life of Your Webinars and Videos with Engagement Emails

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Creating quality content takes time and effort. To maximize the ROI from your webinars and videos, we’ve built customizable engagement emails into the BrightTALK Channel that get more of your audience to interact with your content over time.

These timely automated emails extend the life of your events before and after the live day.

The professionals learning on BrightTALK find these emails to be useful reminders and we see high performance rates and few unsubscribes.

Here are the types of emails you can choose to send from your channel:

Thank you for registering

When professionals register to attend your upcoming event, they will receive a confirmation email with the details of the presentation and a link to save it on their calendars. This email also recommends additional content in your channel.

24 hour reminder

This email will help your audience make time to attend your event live.

Starting now reminder

What would a busy professional do without calendar reminders? This key email is responsible for nearly half of the live viewings that happen on BrightTALK. Make sure yours is working for you.

Post-event follow up

At every event, a portion of the audience will attend live and the rest will view on demand. Content on BrightTALK is recorded immediately and indefinitely, and we send effective reminders to both attendees and no-shows featuring the link to the recording, a list of all attachments and additional content in your channel.

Webcast change updates

If a webinar is cancelled, rescheduled or re-run, we will send your audience a notification and alert them of the new date and time of the event as soon as we have it.

Weekly email, “What you need to know”

We send BrightTALK subscribers an email update with upcoming and recent content relevant to them so they can take advantage of the information and topics that matter to them. If you have this email enabled, your upcoming and recent content will be promoted to your subscribers.

To enable engagement emails for your channel, visit the “Promotion” tab or contact support@brighttalk.com.

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