Extend your content reach with our new replay feature

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
September 7, 2018

Using content to attract audiences requires exactly that, content. Creating webinars and videos requires work, so it is in your interest to make each one you produce go as far as possible. The thought you put into your content isn’t disposable, so the labor you put into producing it shouldn’t be either.

BrightTALK is pleased to announce a new way to make your existing content go even further, by replaying it live on BrightTALK with replay. This simulated live experience allows you to replay previously recorded webinar and video content so you can amplify your reach, increase demand and reduce your workload.

Drive more engagement and demand to your best webinars and videos

“Live content performs multiples better than on-demand content in driving engagement and demand”.

Live streaming video content allows for personalized and contextualized follow-up like no other medium, with engagement and conversion rates that far outpace on-demand content. By replaying your webinars and videos live, you will reignite the boost of engagement that live broadcast allows.

Re-run webinars in different timezones and geographies

Today, your audience is global. Connect with them when, how, and where they want. Replay can help you do this by allowing you to replay your webinars live at ideal times for your audiences, wherever they live.

Set and forget on-demand content to broadcast as live

Replay was designed from the start to be simple, and entirely self-service. In minutes you can schedule live broadcasts that don’t require a presenter. Attendee questions are captured for follow-up afterwards.

Start getting more out of your best webinars and videos

Fast, easy, self-service

  • Pick a webinar or video inside your BrightTALK Channel or upload any webinar or video you’ve produced on a third party platform
  • Update your title, abstract, tags, and pick the day and time you want to broadcast as live and schedule
  • That’s it, you’re done! On the live day, check in for questions from the audience and answer them by e-mail as they come through!

If you’d prefer the support of a live technician, or want a full live experience including audio Q&A, polls, feedback, and votes, a Serviced Replay is also available to you. To learn more, contact our Sales team if you’re a new customer or your Customer Success Manager if you’re working with us already.

It’s best to approach the preparation for each webinar as more than just a single deliverable, but a story that can be adapted to different forms. The life of that webinar content can be extended with replay, and without doing much additional work, you can get four to five assets out of every webinar or webcam panel. If you have an authentic story defined from the get-go, it’s easier to adapt that campaign story to different mediums.

With a good story, your conversions will skyrocket! For more information on how to deliver more authentic stories that boost engagement and demand, watch our webinar on the topic.

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