Four BrightTALK Channel Owners Who Made the Most Out of Their Channels in 2012

Four BrightTALK Channel Owners Who Made the Most Out of Their Channels in 2012

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In 2012 we released a number of new features that enhanced the BrightTALK experience from both an audience and channel owner perspective (read about them in the upcoming sixth post from the 12 days of webinars and videos series). We are working to build a platform that engages audiences of professionals looking to learn and advance their careers online and there is nothing more motivating than seeing channel owners take full advantage of the capabilities they have access to. As we look forward to the developments to come in 2013, we’d like to take a moment to recognize several channel owners who have put the BrightTALK platform to work in effective and engaging ways.

For creating engaging content with high-profile expert speakers

Verizon Small Business Channel

Verizon’s channel has grown its audience with frequent high-quality content and engaging and recognizable speakers. Guy Kawasaki’s webinar Lessons I Learned from Steve Jobs, for example, attracted 800 live and over 1,600 on-demand viewers. Other notable speakers recently seen in the channel include Chris Dessi, John Meyer, Melinda Emerson, Brad McCarty, and VentureBeat.

For receiving and fielding large numbers of questions


Audience questions are an important part of the live webinar and video experience. Speakers who answer questions throughout the presentation and allow for Q&A at the end achieve better engagement with their live audiences and are able to field more questions while the relevant content is still fresh in the minds of the viewers. Protiviti’s webinars receive large numbers of questions; if they are unable to answer all in 45 minutes, the presenters make sure to follow up with individual viewers offline.

For successfully using polls to create audience engagement live

FireEye Advanced Threat Protection

Audience polls are another tool presenters can use to effectively engage live viewers. In the webinar Living in a State of Cyber Insecurity – Advanced Targeted Attacks FireEye’s Aaron Sheridan asked a live audience of 186 viewers, “What do you perceive as the greatest malware attack vector in your network?” He received 112 responses, a response rate of more than 60%.

In addition to a great engagement tool, polls are an easy way to prompt audience members to share their interests, challenges and knowledge on the topic at hand, thus giving all viewers access to an authentic and relevant peer survey. Interesting poll responses can be easily transformed into charts and blog posts that reveal industry insight.

For using attachments to extend audience engagement with content

Deliver Exceptional User Experience & IT QoS Channel

When we rolled out BrightTALK attachments in June, we were very excited about the possibilities the feature opened up for presenters. It has been even more exciting to see BrightTALK Channel owners embrace the attachment feature and supplement webinars and videos with white papers, case studies, links and other pieces of content. The Deliver Exceptional User Experience & IT QoS Channel managed by CA Technologies keeps the audience engaged with multiple attachments per webinar, including white papers, links, research excerpts, and event promotions. They have seen attachment download to live viewer ratios reach over 50%, an impressive conversion rate made possible by the close relevance the attachments have to the webinar and video content that viewers are already engaging with.

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