Four Components of Webcast Success

Four Components of Webcast Success

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Today BrightTALK hosted a web event on Integrating Service Management in the Cloud, and one presentation stood out above all others. With a memorable title like, Cloudy with a Chance of Metrics: Measure Cloud Computing, it’s easy to see why. Here are a few components that helped make this IT service management webcast by Jason Rosenfeld so successful:

Creativity. In a virtual world where we can be overwhelmed with so many choices, it is important to put forth information that stands out. This presentation had one of the highest pre-registration numbers resulting in high live viewership because of the catchy and creative title and abstract.

Content. In this webcast, Jason Rosenfeld makes it very clear what the objectives of the webcast are, and reels the audience in with his energy and enthusiasm for the topic from the get go. The content was high level, interesting and tailored to the audience who pre-registered for the event. Understanding your audience is paramount to successful online events.

Interactivity. This presentation utilized every feature of the BrightTALK webcast player by casting three polling questions for the audience and then taking the time to address the results and implications, and encouraging the audience to submit feedback, ratings and questions, resulting in about a dozen relevant incoming questions.

Timing. It was clear this presenter was well prepared, as he covered all of his content with ample time for audience Q&A. He also left time for a closing statement encouraging attendees to email him and follow up with him personally for offline conversations on this subject.

It was clear the audience felt the same way we did about this presentation with 22 five-star ratings. This webcast is a great example of how online events are becoming the preferred method of interacting with peers and audiences.

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