Generate More Leads with a Variety of Content Formats

Generate More Leads with a Variety of Content Formats

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This year’s B2B Content Marketing Spotlight Report took an in-depth look at the state of content marketing at B2B companies. More than 600 marketing professionals participated, representing a range of company sizes, job titles and industries. Despite these differences, several common themes emerged. Notably, B2B marketers see content marketing as a vehicle for lead generation and use a variety of content formats to fuel it.

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More of a skimmer? Check out three of the top formats content marketers are using to generate more leads.


Topping the list of most-used formats were company blogs, with 65% of B2B companies running one. Blogs are an effective content format for several reasons:

  • The costs associated with hosting a blog are minimal
  • They provide an opportunity to feature many contributors, both internal and external
  • They’re generally easy to consume, whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device

And as a knowledge destination for professionals in your industry, your blog also has the potential to be a valuable lead source.

Social media

According to the survey, 64% of marketers use social media in their content marketing programs. Social media is quickly becoming the fastest way for organizations to connect with their audiences. Yet many B2B marketers struggle to craft a social presence that’s informational, approachable and entertaining.

By adopting a social media strategy, you can foster relationships with prospects and customers through your social content. A great example of this is from Sungard and their “Zombie Apocalypse” campaign.

Pro tip: B2B marketers rated career-centric platforms like LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform to deliver content and engage audiences.

Webinars and videos

The study found that 46% of B2B marketers are using webinars and videos as part of their content marketing programs. Unlike blogs and social content, webinars and videos offer a stimulating alternative to text-based assets with a dynamic content experience. By combining sight, sound and motion into a single format, content appeal dramatically increases.

In addition, rich formats offer a number of value-added metrics such as registration surveys, session polls and presenter Q&A for all live content. These metrics have been proven to not only help qualify leads but convert them down the sales funnel as well.

For more in-depth results and analysis, attend the B2B Content Marketing Trends – Survey Results and Analysis webinar.

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