Getting to Know Our BrightTALK Summit Speakers

Getting to Know Our BrightTALK Summit Speakers

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At BrightTALK, we work with hundreds of experts across multiple industries to create relevant, engaging, thought leadership content, that is available to the masses. To get to know our presenters a little better, we asked BrightTALK Summit speaker, Aga Wicinska, about the content she’ll be consuming and producing in 2013.

Ah, the New Year: The time of healthy lifestyles, ambitious plans, and renewing gym memberships. It’s also a time when people consciously remind themselves about the importance of self-development and staying on top of what’s important in their industry.

It’s so easy to allow it to slip away – we are all busy people and sometimes, there are just not enough hours in the day to attend another conference or 3-day training session.

That’s why I appreciate content that brings relevant communities together, allowing them to share their experiences and opinions in a concise format that is easily accessible whenever and wherever they want to learn about the latest industry trends.

Through our everyday job we often gather valuable knowledge, which, unless shared and/or written down gets lost in a pile of ‘projects I will catch up on one day.’ Webinars help to ensure we all share and dare to expand our knowledge beyond daily work.

For this reason, I actively contribute to regular summits in the IT service management community and on January 16th I will be talking about the influence of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies on incident management processes. I hope that you join me in creating and consuming valuable content in 2013.

About Aga

Aga Wicinska is a Governance and Compliance Manager for Logica (now part of CGI). She started her career as an Operational Manager, managing a complex IT support center and has since worked in various service management roles as a consultant or as BAU Specialist across different industries and sectors. She also runs, which discusses various topics from the service management arena.

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