Giving Thanks in My First Days at BrightTALK

Giving Thanks in My First Days at BrightTALK

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Author Robert Caspar Lintner once said, “Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” As the holiday season officially begins this week in the U.S., the BrightTALK San Francisco office took those words to heart as we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving potluck — an annual tradition.

As the new office manager, I happily took charge of the event logistics.

But as a brand new employee, it felt a bit strange to think about celebrating a holiday focused on closeness and coming together when I was still struggling to remember the names and faces of those I was supposed to be thankful for.

Regardless, I had 55 mouths to feed, so I set out to plan a bountiful feast.

I really wanted to get it right, but I couldn’t help but think of every possible scenario that could happen. I heard stories about the potluck two years before, when the “cooked” turkey came frozen. I contemplated what would happen if the tables I ordered didn’t arrive or if we ran out of mashed potatoes.

But those thoughts were silenced throughout the planning process, as colleagues from all over the office offered me an incredible amount of help, guidance, and encouragement. And I found that talking about food and parties quickly helps you make friends as a new employee.

Whether it was volunteering to get supplies or helping to clean up, my colleagues came through before I even had a chance to ask. In doing so, I have discovered the best of what BrightTALK offers – a community that brings people together, from business professionals sharing information across the world to employees sharing a meal in the office.

On my first day, I started planning a Thanksgiving meal for a group of people I hardly knew. Three weeks later, still up to my head in leftover cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, I’m giving thanks for finding such a special place.

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