Grabbing Attention and Holding On to It with Relevant Recommendations

Grabbing Attention and Holding On to It with Relevant Recommendations

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One of the big challenges marketers face when it comes to lead nurturing is holding on to the attention they’ve so hard worked to attract.

Email is a key tool in nurturing repeat engagement. But well-optimized automated emails are the marketing equivalent of a gift that keeps on giving.

This is why we’re excited that the weekly email, a key email that gives your content regular audience exposure with no promotional effort on your side, now brings you even more audience every week.

In addition to upcoming, recent and missed content, the weekly email now includes relevant content from a user’s professional community.

We’ve designed a recommendation algorithm that highlights popular videos and webinars and refreshes each week. This works even when you are in between webinars on your editorial calendar, nurturing your audience so they are more likely to respond next time you have something to share.

Continuously engaging your audience over time is key; the more webinars and videos they watch, the more likely they are to return in the future. In fact, our tests show that professionals who have viewed five pieces of content respond to promotional emails up to 7x better than those who have only viewed one. So as your audience is automatically nurtured with relevant content over time, it will become easier for you to attract and hold their attention for longer, resulting in warmer conversations with prospects.

This also means additional exposure for your content as it is served to relevant professionals across BrightTALK. Make sure your channel is tagged into a BrightTALK community and that you have the weekly email turned on so you and your audience can start benefitting from the new community feature.

This is the latest in a series of improvements aimed at increasing the performance of the weekly email and extending its reach to hundreds of thousands of professionals on BrightTALK. Read more here.

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