Happy Thanksgiving from BrightTALK

Happy Thanksgiving from BrightTALK

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Although Thanksgiving is a US holiday and BrightTALK was founded in the UK, the San Francisco office decided to celebrate with a potluck luncheon on Monday. The feast was complete with pre-ordered pre-roasted turkey that came frozen – go figure – and a cornucopia of side dishes including a competition between Sales Associate Jon Brink and CEO Paul Heald for the best mac’n’cheese – Paul won.

Across the business, we have much to be thankful for this year. We’d like to share with you some of the highlights from our employees.


1. A round of funding that will help us deliver even more value for our customers and accelerate our company vision

2. Our customers who love our products and keep us in business

3. The professionals around the world that spend so many hours learning, interacting and presenting on BrightTALK

4. Consistent improvements to our webinar and video technology

5. Our ability to drive demand for our BrightTALK Summits and BrightTALK Channels using our own product

6. An open environment that fosters growth from the inside


7. Our co-workers who are collaborative, fun, funny, smart, responsive and hard working – and teach us things on a daily basis

8. The delivery of packages of sweets by coworkers traveling on business between our offices in London, New York and San Francisco

Finally, thank you for reading this blog. For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

For more photos, check out our Flickr.

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