Harness the Power of Video to Reach, Engage, and Understand Business Professionals

Harness the Power of Video to Reach, Engage, and Understand Business Professionals

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As video content has become integral to B2B marketers’ digital strategy and global video consumption is skyrocketing, savvy marketers are looking for ways to leverage this trend to continue delivering a variety of content targeted at decision makers at every stage of the purchasing cycle. Producing a video and placing it on a website, however, does not necessarily yield the measurable engagement with a targeted audience that marketers have depended on with other marketing vehicles.

Capturing the demographics information and viewing patterns—as many marketers do through their webinar providers—can help marketers identify qualified leads and demonstrate their impact on revenue.

Now marketers can capture engagement insights from their thought leadership content videos in the same place as their webinars through BrightTALK Channels. This self-service model enables marketers to upload the videos they already have to offer this content to their audience from the same place as their webinars in one portable player that can be placed anywhere on the Web.

The single profile generated for each subscriber can be integrated with the lead scoring systems and marketing automation systems you already have in place to streamline the lead nurturing process. The BrightTALK platform also enables audience members to register once to access any of the content, so that anyone who has previously registered can access videos or webinars with one click.

Having your videos and webinars in one powerful platform also facilitates new audiences finding your content as BrightTALK subscribers browse all of the public content organized by relevant industry communities. Then it’s your job to engage them with your expertise and leverage the insights you will gain.

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