Highlights from Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2018

Highlights from Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2018

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Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2018 wrapped up last week, giving all in attendance insights into fearless marketing strategies and the latest in martech. BrightTALK was there in a big way. Our booth featured panel discussions with marketing visionaries who shared the latest content and demand marketing insights. We used our BrightTALK @ Summits product to stream live video to over 1,000 online viewers with many more watching the on-demand recording. Adam Koster, VP, Marketing Automation at BNY Mellon joined us on stage to share strategies and campaigns that boost engagement and demand. We capped off the Summit with a Press Club lunch event for our customers and partners.

Here’s what we learned at the show:

It’s all about the customer

Yes, we’ve all heard that line before, but Marketo is doubling down on this idea in a big way with their concept of The Engagement Economy, which Marketo’s CEO, Steve Lucas describes as “this notion that we’re in a hyper-connected world that is controlled, influenced and defined by our customers. The brand is now defined by the customer. We’re now at the tipping point.” This represents a shift from historically product or brand-focused marketing automation where we as marketers imposed a journey on our buyers to one where we’re meeting the buyers where they are and delivering the best experience we can for them.

Along with this, the concept of customer trust was touched on many times, both from a brand perspective but also operationally with the impending GDPR compliance deadline coming on May 25th.

Measurement matters… big time

All the work we put into crafting innovative marketing campaigns and building a technology stack to support them means little if we can’t measure and optimize those efforts. Unfortunately, most marketers aren’t tackling measurement effectively, usually relying on single touch attribution metrics like lead source.

Marketo addressed this need head on with its announcement of its purchase of Bizible, adding much more robust multi-touch attribution capabilities to its platform, giving marketers a clearer view of the effect of all marketing efforts on pipeline and revenue.

Hearing from the experts

Our BrightTALK @ Marketo Marketing Nation Summit sessions covered some of the key areas that are top of mind for marketers today, bringing together unique perspectives from some of the most innovative marketers in B2B.

In From CMO to CGO: Marketing Takes its Seat at the Revenue Table, Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing for CMO Council led a roundtable with marketing leaders that examined in depth the shift we’re seeing from brand-focused CMOs to growth-driving, revenue-focused and metrics-obsessed marketers with CMO and CGO titles.

Matt Heinz, noted Marketing and Sales expert and President of Heinz Marketing led the Operationalizing Sales & Marketing Alignment session, taking “Sales & Marketing Alignment” past an aspirational buzzword and into something concrete and achievable. The panel shared some great anecdotes of alignment success stories and some cautionary tales, giving some clear steps Marketing and Sales teams can use.

Related to Marketo’s Engagement Economy concept, Steve Gershik, CEO at Koyne Marketing led the panel Content Marketing Across the Customer Journey that examined in depth how Marketing is increasingly supporting growth at all stages of the customer journey. To support this, we’re seeing growth-focused businesses moving to multi-touch attribution so false signals coming from single-touch models can be avoided.

What trends are we seeing? Audiences are reading less and marketers are shifting their content mix to more visual storytelling. Webinars and videos are now increasingly used at all stages of the customer journey as audiences are looking for more interactive, engaging experiences.

In the State of the MarTech Stack 2018 session, David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen moderated a panel that had leading marketers discuss their martech stacks and why they made those decisions. There was also plenty of focus on Account-Based Marketing (ABM), with two panelists in ABM leadership roles at their respective companies discussing their strategies and the technology stack they’ve built to support them. As many marketers at the show had their shopping carts out while perusing the vendor booths, the panel gave some clear tips on making martech purchases, notably buying technology that solves business needs and doesn’t add undue complexity. Solving for GDPR was also tackled, a topic top of mind for most marketers today.

At Summit, BrightTALK client Adam Koster, VP, Marketing Automation from BNY Mellon and Val-Pierre Genton, VP of Product Marketing from BrightTALK shared the stage for How BNY Mellon Boosts Engagement and Demand from Acquisition to Expansion. This session described how storytelling is now part of the go-to-market strategy at BNY Mellon. The BNY Mellon team found that developing a messaging framework and brand guidelines with a focus on strong visual design and inclusion of videos and webinars across all campaigns was key to delivering revenue growth. 

Adam described how their tech stack is being simplified and aligned to ensure both marketing and sales can intelligently orchestrate engagement at all stages of the customer lifecycle. The key to successful execution here is operationalization of Sales and Marketing alignment. In other words, standardize who does what, which systems will be used by whom, support this with SLAs, build shared dashboards and bring campaigns to life with case studies and numbers that create excitement in-house. 

With that, we’re excited to cap off a great Marketo Marketing Nation Summit where we were so fortunate to learn from some of the best in the marketing business.

But wait! There’s more to come. Stay tuned for these upcoming recordings from Summit, coming soon:

  • Riadh Dridi, CMO of Ringcentral describes in detail how an enterprise CMO operationalizes his business for growth.
  • Carla Johnson, noted keynote speaker, marketing expert and Chief Experience Officer for Type A Communications discusses the importance of storytelling for marketers and gives a very clear formula how to apply it to your business.
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