How (and Why) To Use Webinars at Every Stage of the Funnel

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
October 20, 2015

According to marketing legend, webinars are only effective as top-of-funnel content, intended for a wide audience and best used as broad educational pieces.

Although this is an excellent and common use case for webinars, they are actually a versatile content format that should play a fundamental role in the early, middle, and late stages of the buyer’s journey. Here’s how you can use webinars at all points of the funnel to see the most impact.


In the awareness stage, the primary goal is to educate your audience. Whether that’s on industry trends, best practices, or learnings, the purpose here is to educate to potential buyers on topics that are relevant to them — establishing yourself as their go to knowledgeable resource.

For example, if you’re in IT security, you could produce an introductory level webinar on network security or mobile security. If you’re in marketing, you could run a webinar on the basics of social media for businesses or B2B content marketing.


Moving down the funnel, the consideration stage allows marketers to get more specialized and technical with their content to attract a more sales-ready audience. By this stage of the buyer’s journey, the viewer has demonstrated interest in what you do and your solutions.

Mid-stage webinars help nurture your existing audience and guide them through the funnel, with more emphasis on your specific solution. It’s appropriate to mention your brand and its offerings within this stage.


At the final stage of the funnel, your prospect is ideally nearing a purchase decision. Perhaps they’ve downloaded pricing information or watched customer case study videos, and they’ve been in touch with a sales representative.

At this stage, webinars are suitable for things like product demos or analyst presentations to discuss trends and highlight your solution. These types of webinars tend to be more effective if they’re shorter in duration than the broader, early-stage thought leadership pieces.

Example: How to Reach and Influence Buyers on BrightTALK

No matter how you’re using webinars, however, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your webinar programs to ensure maximum ROI. For more tips and best practices on driving demand with webinars, visit the BrightTALK Academy.

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