How Animation Can Capture Your Audience's Attention

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
July 25, 2012

Vision dominates all other senses. Molecular biologist John Medina states, “Researchers have known for more than 100 years that pictures and text follow very different rules. Put simply, the more visual the input becomes, the more likely it is to be recognized – and recalled. The phenomenon is so pervasive, it has been given its own name: the pictorial superiority effect, or PSE.”

Our brain pays a lot of attention to color, orientation, size and motion but does not like complexity in visuals. By including simple, colorful visuals in your content you can capture your audiences attention. I recently worked on a great example of this in the Financial Advisers UK Channel.

Since I started working with UK-based financial advisers, back in 2010, it quickly became apparent to me that this was a close-knit community. These professionals knew each other and had a strong desire to learn from each other as well as share their expertise and knowledge to improve their industry.

With video being the hottest thing in content management and infographics dominating blog posts and online articles, we decided to combine these key trends to create new, original content for UK financial advisers.

We invited a selection of advisers to send in their videos, sharing their tips, rants and thoughts. There were some key players who jumped to mind and I fired off some emails. I also took the opportunity to contact Chris Daems, who writes great blog posts using everyday metaphors to explain complex financial planning concepts. I used the video as an opportunity to connect and invited him to take part alongside other key advisers who I regularly keep-up with on Twitter and blogs, including Pete Matthew, David Crozier, and Wingate FP.

I showed the videos of industry experts to our editing team here at BrightTALK. They were immediately excited by the quality of the content and decided that animation would be a valuable addition to the videos. Adding animation and visual elements to content can be a fantastic way to reach your audience in a clear, concise and engaging way. With the rise of infographics, it’s clear audiences have a thirst for receiving content that is visually appealing.

I have included the result of the video in question. It is a good example of how animation can take your content to another level – I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the video.

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