How Can Content Marketers Leverage Social Influence Scores?

How Can Content Marketers Leverage Social Influence Scores?

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“Social influence determines to a large extent what we adopt and when we adopt it.”

This statement has never been truer than in the age of the social network.

As a rule, the higher your social influence score, the more likely your opinion is valued by your community. The likes of Sir Richard Branson, Stephen Fry and Justin Bieber all have high social influence scores, not solely because of their audiences of millions, but the value placed on their advice, opinions and content that they share. As marketers, how can we leverage these scores in the B2B world, specifically to increase the reach of our content marketing assets? This blog post will not only provide quick steps to improve your own social influence score to drive engagement, but will also highlight how you can leverage the influence of others in your community.

3 steps to improve your social influence

Interact with people

The number of interactions you receive will determine part of your social influence score. The easiest way to increase this is to join conversations on your social networks. Search for discussions within your community and answer your peers’ questions or provide your opinion on hot topics. Attend ‘TweetUps’ in your community, or add your thoughts to LinkedIn group discussions.

Create content

Having participated in conversations you will have a good feel for what is hot in your community. Use this knowledge to determine what content will be well received by the community. Having other people share your targeted, relevant content will endorse its quality and position you as an authority figure on that topic.

Keep active

Social media never sleeps. The conversation continues to flow, regardless of working hours. Therefore, to keep a presence in your community, you need to keep active. This not only means monitoring your social network accounts on a daily basis, but also keeping a close eye and sharing any breaking news in the community.

3 steps to leverage the social influence of others

Build relationships with influencers

Who are the key authorities in your community? By engaging with these people (asking their opinion or responding to something they have posted) you will begin to build a connection that can be leveraged in your marketing activities.

Feature influencers in content

Having built your relationships, find out if the influencers would like to contribute to your content. If they have a vested interest in the content, having helped to create it or provided quotes, they will be willing to share it with their networks and extend its reach.

Make your content easily shareable

When you create a piece of content, be sure to include social sharing links. This may seem obvious, but the more people sharing your content and mentioning your name, the greater the reach of your content and social influence score.

What things do you do to increase your social influence score?

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