How Can Digital Marketing Break into Compliance-Ridden Industries?

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The financial services industry has often been skeptical about adopting innovative digital marketing techniques, preferring to learn from the mistakes of others before making a commitment. While other industries, such as tech, are embracing the forever changing buyer landscape, compliance issues are causing financial services to hold back. It is true that compliance can cause some complications, however, it is often used as an excuse and blown out of proportion. In the blog article, Digital marketing adoption in a reluctant and compliance-ridden industry – a case study, Val Pierre Genton explains how sales and marketing executives can work effectively with compliance departments in order to create quality digital campaigns, engaging and increasing customers.

In a new case study webinar, Aleksandra Slater, marketing Manager, BNY Mellon explains how they are securely leveraging the Web to increase customer engagement while gaining unprecedented insight for their sales and marketing teams.

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