How Do You Measure Content Marketing Success? [New Research]

How Do You Measure Content Marketing Success? [New Research]

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How do you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts? If you’re like most B2B marketers, it’s probably by web traffic and visits, according to a new global survey of content marketers.

The report, which surveyed 600+ marketers across career levels, company sizes, and regions, also found that after traffic and visits, the other commonly used benchmarks for content marketing success were:

  • Views/downloads (52%)
  • Social media sharing/liking (40%)
  • Engagement/time spent with content (39%)

While these are all valid methods for measuring success, it’s interesting to note that most of them don’t align with marketers’ top goal for content marketing: lead generation.

In fact, the metrics tied to lead gen are much further down the list:

  • Lead quality (37%)
  • Lead quantity (35%)
  • Sales opportunities (33%)

This disconnect between goals and metrics underscores a bigger problem: Very few companies feel they have an effective content marketing program. In fact, just 19% of respondents said their content marketing program is very (16%) or extremely effective (3%).

This can be attributed to the fact that marketers are setting quantifiable demand goals (like lead generation) but largely measuring their efforts on anonymous activities (like web traffic and content views).

To fix this, marketers must first determine what they want from their content marketing (leads, brand awareness, etc.) and then determine an appropriate KPI based upon those goals.

For example, if you want to generate leads with your content, you should be measuring success based upon actions like form fills, downloads, and email subscriptions. If you’re looking to increase awareness, measure things like social sharing, views, and traffic.

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Your objectives can be anything from brand awareness to lead generation to customer retention (and will probably be a combination of these), but you’ll only be able to accurately track success if they’re tied to the correct KPIs. As your content marketing program evolves, however, you can adjust your targets and metrics depending on the changing needs of your business.

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