How to Be a Legendary Content Creator

How to Be a Legendary Content Creator

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The demand for quality content in B2B marketing is the highest it has ever been. A recent survey conducted by MarketingProfs and CMI found that over 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Effective content marketing creates impactful stories that inform, inspire, and persuade audiences.

If prospects engage with the right content during the B2B buyer experience, they can be compelled to research further, form a positive opinion, and then buy a specific product; I call this legendary content.

Legendary content meets the following criteria:

  • It helps your audience of customers and/or prospects improve their jobs or careers
  • It is used and re-used or repurposed across the business
  • It can be attributed directly back to closed business

Marketers have an incredible opportunity to drive their organizations forward with legendary content. Best-in-class marketers are and have been using digital content to create more demand for their products and services since the creation of the internet.

However, marketers still face surprisingly strong criticism from other business stakeholders who doubt the influence that content has on increased sales numbers. That confidence gap can be attributed to any number of things along the content creation process such as a lack of a content messaging strategy or siloed content publication.

If 91% of us are investing in and creating content, what are we doing to close this gap?

The content team at BrightTALK, including myself, that manages content development, messaging strategy, and our editorial calendar, produces over 200 webinar assets every year. We also manage an archive of over 3,000 assets that are spread across a distribution network of about 50 different partners and 10 different BrightTALK Channels.

Each webinar goes through a thorough review process before being published to our audience. Once published, our webinars are then converted into multiple formats such as display banners and short videos with variations based on buyer persona and sales segment.

It would be impossible to run this content creation machine without the right combination of people, processes and technologies to drive results for the business. It’s taken a lot of effort, but it’s also provided some excellent insight into content marketing practices for demand generation — that work.

We’ve found three areas that matter most in optimizing your content process for producing legendary content marketing:

  • Resourcing your content editorial
  • Ideating and producing a content strategy
  • Distributing your content for optimized performance

Join my webinar “How to Be a Legendary Content Creator” on June 12th at 9 am PST to learn more about our legendary content creation process and participate in what I anticipate will be a lively discussion.

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