How to Be the Amerigo Vespucci of Your Marketing Team

How to Be the Amerigo Vespucci of Your Marketing Team

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Every American school kid learns the story of Christopher Columbus convincing the King and Queen of Spain to finance an expedition in 1492 to sail the wrong way to India. In the process he missed by 8,371 miles, ending up in the Bahamas. For his troubles, he got a small city in Ohio named after him. The guy that drew an accurate map got 27% of the world’s landmass. The message is pretty clear; history rewards those who know what they’re doing. To help you be rewarded for your webinar programs, BrightTALK announces its latest release: dashboard charts for BrightTALK Channels.

While all of the data to help you optimize your webinar program has been available for download from the beginning, it was easy to take after Columbus and not process the data available to you effectively. Now summary charts give you a map for understanding your webinar performance. Here are three ways you can use the data generated by webinars and videos to gain actionable insight to help you improve your program.

Success of promotions

Know the reach of your content by looking at the number of registrations to each webinar. Identify which webinars had the highest number of registrations to help you determine what topics appeal to your audience or what marketing activities work best. You can also look at the percent of attendees who attended live and on demand to help you understand how people convert from registrations to viewers.

Gauge when your audience is registering by reviewing the audience growth before and after the live event. Compare the date of registrations to the dates of your promotions to understand how they are performing or use track links to obtain precise data. You can also look at how many days in advance of your live presentation your audience is registering as well as whether that has any impact on number of live viewers to optimize the timing of your promotions to drive the highest number of registrations and viewers.

Quality of content

Understand how engaging your audience found your content by looking at how long the audience viewed your content and when they exited. It is typical for the audience to ramp up in the first 10 minutes, stay pretty consistent during the presentation and then drop off at some point during the question and answer section if there is one. If you see a dip at any point in the middle, go back to that section to try to understand what might have prompted it. Was the speaker pitching a product or service? Did the slide have a lot of text on it? Was a complicated chart shown? Was the speaker unprepared and fumbling? Did the speaker change? Was there a technical difficulty? If you can identify what happened, you can change it in your next presentation.

Growth of community

Building a group of subscribers engaged with your content helps you generate and nurture a steady stream of leads to pass over to your sales team. Review the growth of the number of subscribers in your channel each month to understand your progress in building a community of people interested in your content and gauge the reach of your messaging and content. This is a good indicator of how robust your program is.

Take a look at the new charts in your channel dashboard and share your new insights with your marketing team. You might not get two continents named after you, but perhaps having your name on the door to a corner office will do.

BONUS: View this presentation from Brian Stark to gain more insight into how you can use data to optimize your webinar and video programs and benchmark your program against the industry.

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