How to Become a Socially Engaged Enterprise

How to Become a Socially Engaged Enterprise

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It is becoming widely acknowledged that in order to successfully leverage social media, an enterprise needs to have buy-in from senior management. In fact, according to a recent study by PulsePoint, organizations with C-level social media advocates see returns four times greater than companies that are less socially engaged. How can you spark interest in social media in your management team and achieve a higher return on investment?

In a five-part webinar series, PulsePoint Partner Michael Gale kindly agreed to share the best practices he has learned from his professional experience and the results of the PulsePoint study. The research was gathered in conjunction with The Economist Intelligence Unit, helping business leaders prepare for opportunity and empowering them to act with confidence when making strategic decisions. In the webinar series, Michael outlines how enterprises can achieve the highest ROI from their social media strategy, engage the C-suite and even ‘crowdsource’ new product ideas.

Recorded over a 2-month period, the webinars are now available to be viewed online, on demand.

The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise: Achieving High Return

Questions answered:

  • What defining attributes do the socially engaged high performers share?
  • Why is C-suite advocacy required to get traction in your enterprise?
  • How can you report on the economic values social engagement has delivered?
  • How can you find out where your organization is and what you should do next?

Who You Need on Your Side to Build Social Engagement: The Value of the CEO

Questions answered:

  • How has the role of advocacy evolved in immature and mature socially engaged enterprises and how can you be one step ahead?
  • Why is C-suite advocacy imperative?
  • Who could be advocates in the future?
  • How can you convince potential advocates of the value of social engagement?

Smart Investment Models as You Build Your Brand’s Social Engagement Strategy

Questions answered:

  • What are the lowest and highest performing socially engaged enterprise profiles?
  • What are the most consistently wrong and the most surprisingly effective investment focus areas?
  • How can you plot your journey to achieve the most economically optimized state of social engagement?

Building on Social Listening Centers: Crowdsourcing New Product Ideas

Questions answered:

  • How can you use social engagement to research new product ideas and how can you measure the results?
  • What are the different flavors of “crowdsourcing”?
  • What methods reap the best results and which should be avoided?
  • What have specific companies done to be successful?

Organizational Transformation for Social Engagement

Questions answered:

  • How can a structure be established that develops social media talent and ensures peer support?
  • How can organizations change to support this development?
  • What are the activity sets required within a socially engaged enterprise?

The webinars received great feedback from the audience, averaging 4.6/5 across the series. One audience member commented that it was a “new and interesting topic vis-à-vis usual social media topics, I would recommend to others.” The complete series of webinars is available to be viewed on demand from The Socially Engaged Enterprise Channel, hosted on BrightTALK.

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