How to Generate High Quality Leads

How to Generate High Quality Leads

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According to a recent study from MarketingSherpa, generating high quality leads is top of mind for most B2B marketers.  In fact, the number of marketers reporting it as a top challenge for their organization has increased about 10% from 2009 to 2010 to 78% of marketers. As management teams pressure marketing to demonstrate how they are contributing to the bottom line, marketers are looking for programs to show their return on investment through delivering leads that convert into sales at increasingly high rates.

The report also captured what marketers are finding effective. Website design, management and optimization ranks at the top, followed by online events (virtual events and webinars).  It is no surprise that online events is high on the list of effective B2B marketing tactics, as online events are one of the most efficient ways to obtain and qualify quality leads.

First, anyone who takes the time out of their workday to attend a webinar is raising their hand that they are interested in your content. Furthermore, after they have spent time viewing your content and even participating in the presentation through polls and Q&A, they will be familiar with your messaging and brand.  This makes participants more willing to receive messages from you in future.

Online events also give you a way to capture additional information about the people interested in what you do.  Most webcast providers enable you to ask demographic questions in a form as a requirement for attending. Some, including BrightTALK, also capture extensive information about how engaged each attendee is by recording who asks which question, how each person responds to polls, and how they rate the webcast. They can also capture how long each person watches.

All of that information can be transferred into a customer relationship management system. You can also figure out what the profile is of your leads most likely to convert to customers and then develop a scoring system for all incoming leads. Then you can prioritize which leads to send to sales and which to continue nurturing with additional content. That way sales only receives the most qualified leads and you receive the credit for delivering the leads most likely to convert and add value to the bottom line.

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